Tuesday, May 1, 2007

First timer needs some help

Hello all,
I am a new knitter (just started in Jan) and have decided to knit NETWORK. Thought it would teach me some new skills plus work with silk!! My question has to do with the lace pattern. If you look at the chart--line 7 the third from last stich says to pass st pver first st of rnd after working double yo) so my questions are:
--am I doing a real double yarn over or just the 2 yo that are already on the chart
---since this is the third to last on the chart am I slipping this stich off, then doing yo then passing it over the first st of round/or am I am passing it over the 2 yo and the first stich of rnd.
--what I think I should do is just do 2 yo after the k2tog then slip st over 1st st of round (liek binding off)and pm. Hope this makes sense and I appreciate any feed back. The funny thing is the hardest thing I am finding about being a new knitter is reading the patterns!!!!


Kim said...

After reading the chart, my understanding is that on the seventh round, you knit to the last stitch (should be after a K2TOG). At that point, you do two yarn overs, then pass that last stitch over the first stitch of the next round and then place your marker. Rereading what you wrote, I believe you're on the right track. Good luck!

andifree said...

Thanks Kim,
I still don't trust my instincts!!

Kim said...

No worries! I've been knitting on and off for 20 years and I still keep the Vogue Knitting reference book in my knitting bag when I run into a jam.

Karen Frisa said...

When you're working rnd 7 of the chart, you should work the sts in the order you see them on the chart. So, work the repeat until there are 3 sts left in the rnd, then work the k2tog that's outside of the repeat, then pass the next st over the first st of the rnd, then work the double yo, then pm for end-of-rnd. Hope this helps!

Kim said...

Andifree -- I stand corrected. Karen is right. After I re-read the chart, this makes sense. Please be sure to follow her directions.