Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bacardi colour choices...

Hi all: I'm posting partly to motivate myself to stop knitting millions of tank tops (have been off work this week) and to make a start on the fabulous projects in this book! Here are the colour choices I've finally settled on for the Bacardi - having been living with various combos from my 20 colour Super 10 stash marinating for the past week:

Not as clever or as subtle as those picked by the designer, but I like them, and I guess that's what counts! ;-) At the very least, gotta love a pattern that calls for one skein only of several colours - it's great for us Super 10 hoarders out there!

I must confess that I have made a start on the He Gansey...

...but abandoned it in favour of two or three tank tops in more cheerful colours. No fault of the design (and I will get back to it after the Bacardi). I blame instead my poor long-suffering DH who insisted on grey. It's a nice shade of grey, but it is still... grey. SIGH. I will have to remember never to consult him again on colour choices (though it will go nicely with his eyes...)!

Please send me good sheepless (er... sheepish? Never!) vibes.




Stitch-ay Woman said...

Make sure to knit a generously-sized gauge swatch! Even more important than usual with fair isle---
Oh, boy, you're going to be tackling fair isle in cotton. Goody. This will be eeenteresting.

Riggwelter said...

I know what you mean about men and dull colours! I've been knitting a jumper for my DH for months now and have to stop every now and then for a burst of colour.

Love the colours for the cardi, looking forward to seeing it.

Kristina said...

I do hope it will be "vedddy eenterrresting"! One good thing about the pattern is that it seems one can get away with quite a bit of slip stitch for the colour transitions, which suits me better than fair isle. I have worked with this particular yarn rather obsessively... er, extensively... in past, though, so I think it will work out OK. ;-)

Kristina said...

PS riggwelter - glad to know that you can relate - I actually groaned out loud and at some length when DH told me his colour choice for this. He asked what my problem was. I said that I couldn't explain as he had never, and probably would never, have to knit a 45" sweater calling for 20 balls of... grey. I don't think I could have knit this in the wintertime... it would have just been TOO depressing ;-)