Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tuscany Started, a little

Hi all! Here is the pathetic start to my Tuscany Shawl.

I am using Seasilk. I wish that I had a solid to show off the pattern better, but I was tricked into buying the yarn because of how bright and lovely it was.

I have been working mostly with hemp lately and the seasilk seemed so crazy slippery. I finally tamed my savage beast yarn by switching from my Knitpicks Options needles to addis.

To further tame my Seasilk, I decided I needed a yarntainer. I'll spend whatever on seasilk, but I just couldn't slap down the $10 for a yarntainer. So my beautiful spun from silk and sea yarn is living in a kool-aid pitcher I picked up for $1.99.

The poor yarn is probably embarrassed to death, but I had to keep it from rolling away and ending up in the paws of my evil cat, or near any of my dirty kids. I love them, but silk yarn and snotty kids do not mix, or at least shouldn't.


Kristina said...

It looks fine to me, Holly Bee!

I had to giggle at your comments about the Yarntainer... however, I'm with you and I think you're right on. Why spend $10.00 on some gadget when you can have more yarn? ( I managed to score 5 balls of Rowan Cotton Tap and 2 balls of soy silk for about $12.00 at a recent sale at LYS, so am well able to justify similar choices I made to yours...!!!) And re. storage... I just rescued a 3 drawer medium sized plastic dresser from ... ahem... the large garbage disposal behind my building.

Holly Bee said...

Yippee for thrifty yarn storage!

I would have scored the 3 drawer too, no shame there! You're actually an environmental hero!

Good deals on the yarn! I love soy silk. Have you tried any of the Vickie Howell yarns yet?

Carina said...

I didn't know the colorway you were using yet. That one is soooo pretty! It'll go with so much, too. Yay!

RandomRanter said...

Hey, pretty colors deserve nice patterns too. Looks great!