Monday, February 4, 2008


Hello All!

I'm on my second project from the book the Tuscany Shawl (the first was the Cables an O's Sweater, which I still really love). I have never really knitted lace before and I wanted to try and I knew from what people were posting on Ravelry it seemed like a good first lace project. I have to say that after this first two or three repeats I got the hang of it. I really do appreciate the fact that every other row is a purl row. This is good because when I have had to rip back there was a solid row to rip back to, unlike some patterns that have you rip back to complicated yarn overs and such.

So here is a picture I took a couple of days ago, with about 5 1/2 repeats (I'm up to 7 1/2 repeats as of right now).

It pretty much looks the same just a bit longer, it's amazing how much knitting you can do in 5 hours before the Uber-Bowl. I'm using Handmaiden Sea Silk (not the Silken that was called for in the pattern) it's not as heavy as the original yarn but it's very nice. I'm using Addi Turbo's Lace needles in size 5 (32 inches long). It's going to be a gift for my mom, here is an up-close picture.

It's been so nice to see what everyone is working on, and to have the opportunity to add to the site.