Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pursuing Perfection

I have to admit it. I am so sick of geeky things, I've started multitasking. This is one mega-geek. I've knit a couple others, along with numerous regular geeks, scattered over the past couple weeks.

This one is a 4-fer. The main color is Cascade Pima Tencel in #7478. The borders are in Filatura Di Crosa Portofino in Sunset (top), Pima Tencel double stranded (middle right) and triple stranded (middle left), Filatura Di Crosa Portofino in Foliage (bottom).

All this, just to get to one college-proof Sweet Indulgence robe. And we're not there, yet.


Kristina said...

That colour choice is marvellous. I recently bought some soy silk (South West Trading Co "Phoenix" in a similar colour). Perhaps that would work for your robe? (I got 4 sts per inch on 6 mm needles).

Stitch-ay Woman said...

I've been geeking a mean streak lately myself so I know how you feel.
I took a look at your blog and really liked the Maggi's Rags, although I hadn't heard of that before. Now I want to buy a ball and check it out. (Like I need more yarn-- I may have to move out of my apartment if I buy any more)
I think the pima tencel is a really good choice. Good softness factor, and the Tencel means a durable FO.
Keep us posted!