Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Morrigan progress and error in Chart B

I'm on row 30 of Morrigan! (Don't ask me how many rows there are total, I don't know. I could figure it out, but I don't want to make myself cry.) So here's where it is now:

Incidentally, I found a very minor error in Chart B. In the first row, the right-most stitch should be a purl, not a ktbl. Of course, you would hardly notice if you worked the chart as written, but hey, I thought I'd let you know.

At first I thought the error was with the left-most box, but after working the rows--with the wrong correction--I realized what the correct correction should be. But I didn't bother to correct my incorrect correction and no one will be the wiser.


Lisa said...

My gosh that is beautiful! I am in awe! I think that's my favorite sweater in the book, but I know that there is no way I can tackle such a project at this point in my life. I can't wait to see your continued progress.

RandomRanter said...

That's amazing!

Sue J. said...

Kudos to you for even attempting this project. I would love to make it but have to wait on the investment in yarn. BTW, how are you joining the many balls of Calmer? I knit Shedir (same designer) but that used only one ball. Gorgeous work!

Kristina said...

Amazing and very inspiring. Am awaiting a shipment of (sale price - blush colour) Calmer but, like Lisa, don't know that this is the time to start it. Doing the swatches I had posted earlier on this board did help, though.

I love the colour you picked as well.

Keep up the good work and - I agree - don't count the total number of rows! ;-)

Laura said...

Sue--So far, I have only joined one ball and all I did was drop the old yarn and start knitting with the new yarn. I left a 10–15 cm tail on each that I plan on weaving in later.

The magical thing about cable knitting is that you can join yarn practically anywhere without anyone noticing. The texture of the knits on the right side helps "hide" any wonkiness caused by joining a new ball. This fact is taken to the extreme in Morrigan because it's so heavily cabled and the cables are very tight.

That said, I normally do join balls at the ends of rows so that I can weave ends in the seams, but because Morrigan does not have seams in the bottom part of the body, I'm planning to keep my joins near the sides of the sweater. Cable C, which appears on each side of the Side cables, is an excellent place to hide joins because of it's texture. The texture of the Side cables is more open and less ideal for hiding joins.