Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bacardi in progress...!

My beauyouteeful Bacardi in progress (I can't help but think of it as a "Cuba Libre"...!). This is the product of about 2 hours' knitting. I am using the slip stitch technique for the two-colour rows.

The pattern is even more fun to knit than I thought it would be - it has the twin bonus of being rather simple to work and looking impressive. And - my task was made immeasurably easier by Barbara Gregory, the designer, who very kindly contacted me and offered to do up a colour chart with *my* colours...she is the person who picked the order for the colours I chose. Thanks, Barbara!

The fuzzier picture below shows something more closely approximating what the colours look like in "real life". (Unfortunately I can hardly get my camera to behave properly).

Cheers... Kristina

PS. A tip for those who have never worked with Super 10 before... it is rather slippery. I am knitting this on Addis as I am very familiar with the yarn and its slickness - but I might suggest bamboo or wooden needles for those who wish to avoid losing stitches off the end of the needle while knitting ;-).


Holly Bee said...

It's beautiful! That's so cool that your colors were customized by the designer!

I can't wait to see the continued progress.

RandomRanter said...

Very neat!

Sharon said...

Wow that is so cool!!

Stitch-ay Woman said...

Viva Cuba Libre. Lookin' good!