Saturday, May 5, 2007

too much yarn, too little time...

I'm faced with a real dilemma: which project to start first?

Having decided that because I have a ton of Super10 (probably my favourite yarn) I would knit up the only problem being which colours to pick...

... I then went into my first foray of on-line yarn shopping and acquired the following - Rowan all seasons cotton:

(intended for DH who kindly let me use his credit card to order...) and Rowan Calmer in blush

So - where to begin?

And, before I begin, I must finish the Samus-style cardigan I'm knitting... see my blog for that photo. I have loved working on it but just want to start one (or all) of the other fabulous projects...

And - let's not get started on the sea silk I have in the stash from Fleece Artist... intended for a pair of entrelac socks before I bought the No Sheep book!


Cheers - and happy knitting (am loving what I am seeing here, which does not help with the quest to acquire less yarn...)

PS: for those who are interested in the He and She Gansey and either have unlimited funds or can find a cheap on-line source (I ordered from - the Rowan all seasons cotton for me knitted to precise gauge using 5mm needles instead of the 6mm suggested in the pattern for the He Gansey. And it feels GREAT!

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Amethyst said...

Wow, you're set for the next several months of knitting.

I'd start with the gansey, since that's the one that will probably take the longest to do. Then cast on the cardigan or Morrigan to work on when you're on break from the gansey.