Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bacardi geek (but only 50%...)

Well, here is my "geek sample" for Bacardi, worked over 40 sts and 25 or so rows on my trusted Addi Turbo 4mm needles:

...and for a more impressionistic view on a backdrop of Super 3 knitted fabric (Monet had nothing on me and my sadly lacking camera ;-)...):

To complicate matters, this sample is not done in the colours I picked for the sweater but in remnants I had in the stash (did I mention I'm a Super 10 addict?). This was my rationale for not doing a full 6x6 sample... ! I also did not wash it as I am so familiar with the yarn that I know how it behaves with stripes and chequerboard (excuses, excuses... bad, bad, BAD knitter!)

I cut the colours by and large as I was working - this wasn't necessary but it was late at night. Otherwise, I can tell already that the pattern will be very fun to knit - relatively minimal effort for fabulous results! There is one wonky grey row (which is my fault as I used the slip stitch the wrong way.

I'll be starting the cardi this weekend. I'll keep you "posted" (hardy har har).


Riggwelter said...

That's looking fab...you're tempting me into knitting this one next...hmmmmm

Kristina said...

Go for it... I'm actually going to start it tonight (can't wait!).