Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yarn Question

Does anybody have experience knitting with KnitPicks "Shine" worsted or DK weight yarn? I'd like to know what you thought.

Thanks in advance!


nutttshell said...

I've used Shine a TON. At first I was totally enamored with it, but the more I've worked with it, the more the strands seem to split. It's soft, cozy, and easy to care for. Just be careful as you're knitting, and then make sure you do a good job tying off all of your ends--I've had a few that have unwoven themselves.

Also, the black is not really a black. It's a little blue and just not as dark as you'd expect.

Knit and fall back in it said...

I really like the Shine Sport. Machine washable, and really soft. Even more so after it has been laundered.

Kate said...

I have some Shine Sport & Worsted leftover from a project if you'd like, I'd me more than willing to send you enough to do some serious swatching - it's just hanging out in my stash - too little to do much with, too much to toss. Email me at kate dot wilbanks at gmail dot com if you're interested.

WillowLuna said...

I've used Shine for a lot of kid projects and really like it for that. It holds up well in the wash. It has quite a lot of drape to it.