Monday, July 9, 2007

Props to Silk and SPs

First - a big THANK YOU to Amy and all the other people who made NS4U possible. I love wool, and pretty much used it exclusively (plus alpaca & a bit of mohair), but now I've expanded my horizons into SeaSilk, hemp, and other lovelies. 100% Silk is really awesome! :) I'm also spinning and knitting in a finer gauge, so I should be able to crank out some wearables for the non-winter seasons. Yay!

Second - my Secret Pal is witty, devious, and oh-so-generous. Explore the marv goodies she sent me here.

See you at SeaSocks 2008! Ahoy knittys!
Sharon in PA

PS - I'm driving from Seattle to Philly later this month. Anyone who wants to put me up for a night can get acupuncture, bodywork, and a ride in a London Taxi! :)

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