Monday, July 2, 2007

Just Joined

Hi all, I have just joined the No Sheep Knitalong and I am really excited to see progress of all your work. Please post all your pictures so that I can look and drool and be inspired to do the same.
Currently I am working on "Tomato" and really looking forward to finishing it. I am doing it in Cotton Ease in the Almond color with the contrast color being white. I will call it the Unripened Tomato.
Thank you for allowing me to join :)


Amethyst said...

Hi :)

You should scroll down, if you haven't yet, to see the slideshow that LuckyinKY put together. It shows all the Tomatoes. There's also another one that shows all the FOs so far.

I loved doing Tomato. And it took like 2 weeks.

Holly Bee said...

I can't wait to see your Unripened Tomato!! We should have a Tomato Name Patch at the end of the summer! Mine's the Midnight Tomato!

Kristina B said...

My Tomato is not a tomato. It is called "Chequered History". At least, that's what it's called today. ;-)