Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have officially joined the Silken fetishist brigade - the 20% off sale at the LYS did not hurt any!

The above colours are Pewter and (I think, anyway) Peridot. Designated for the River Rock Scarf (which I should note, although lovely in the book, I only decided to knit when I saw Marianne's posted version on this blog (post of 8 May 2007). I'm nervous about the beads... but if it all works it will sure look beautiful!


StarSpry said...

Ooooooo...it looks so beautiful! Can't wait to see your progress. I really want to make this scarf too :)

Stitch-ay Woman said...

...and knowing you, you will finish the scarf in about 4 hours. ;-) Someday you need to post a picture of all your FOs from this book-- you're definitely the front runner for being The First to Finish Everything in the Book.