Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tomato - Done!

Here's my Tomato - I have not woven in the ends yet or washed it. Any suggestions on how to wash this to make sure that the red doesn't bleed into the white section? It's the recommended yarn, Blue Sky Dyed Cotton. I'm thinking it'll loosen up a little too when it's washed as cotton usually "grows".

61007 003

61007 005

61007 006

I made the smallest size, but didn't switch to the smaller needles to do the sleeves or the neck pickups. I think that worked well, as the sleeves are pretty fitted but are OK.


Amethyst said...

Looks good. :) I haven't noticed any bleeding when I wash mine, but I haven't tried the red. I handwash in cool water with a few drops of cold water Tide.

Holly Bee said...

It looks great!!! Wonderful job!

Kristina said...

It looks fab. A true tomato (soup) colour!

To avoid bleeding, like Amethyst, I hand-wash in cool water but use Woollite or Ivory snow delicate instead of cold-water tide.

StarSpry said...

That looks so pretty! The color looks great on you :)

Robin said...

Thanks so much for all the nice comments and washing suggestions!