Wednesday, June 20, 2007


On May 30th, I went to Northampton, MA, to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on her book tour. (If you dont mind, please see the June 4th entry. Thank you.) Since WEBS was organizing it, of course I went early to shop. This is what I got:
Papiro 100% cotton for another Berthe Collar. Sorry for the blurry picture. This yarn looks nubby, but is very soft to the touch.

Next up, Jo Sharp cotton DK. At $2.99 each, I got enough to make the Cables and Os Cardigan.

Saucy Sport will make a Tuscany shawl, for a friend who looks stunning in that shade of blue.

I also bought something for my secret pal, but I can't show it here or else it won't be secret anymore. I thought I did pretty good, left the building to go to the reading, and then they had us stand in line for the book signing later, right by the aisles and aisles of severely marked down yarn. Those evil Webs people....even serving us glasses of cold water while we waited....and then I saw this:

100% silk. $4.98 a ball. I tried to leave it there at first, but before I knew it I had a bag of 10 clutched in my arms.
I have no idea what it will be yet. But there was no way I was going to leave without it!
Happy Day!


Carina said...

Darn right, you had to grab that silk. That stuff is gorgeous!!!

Amethyst said...

I love that Jo Sharp yarn, it looks great. I don't wear orange much, but it just looks attractive.

Kate M said...

Ooh, pretty.

Karin said...

we thank you for your support! :)
you know, I was a green gal for the longest time. Suddenly, I like orange! Go figure. This Jo Sharp yarn is more subdued, it's a cinnamon, or pumpkin, in that direction.
Last year, I ran into Amy at the NYS sheep and wool fest. You have to know that that's in October and the colors of fall are out in full force. When I saw this pumpkin pie colored yarn, I pictured myself wearing that cardi this year at the fest....but we will see if I get it done in time.
And Kate, thank you! So nice to know we have a support system here! :)

Stitch-ay Woman said...

Ohhhhhhhh 10 balls of pink silk! Mmmmm.

Kristina B said...

I am very envious of the Berger du Nord - I got one skein in a swap and would love to get my hands on more. You will LOVE it. ;-)