Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Substitute Yarn Advice

I've been thinking about knitting Tomato for a while, and I have finally decided to bite the bullet and buy yarn. BUT, I can't afford Blue Sky cotton. I have seen a few folks working with Mission Falls 1824 cotton, and a few with Cotton Ease. Cotton Ease is more in my price range, but the color choices don't make me swoon.

I spent some time on Yarn Market tonight and was wondering if anyone had used Needful's Kim or Knit One, Crochet Two's 2nd Time Cotton. Would either be a good substitute? Are they hard to work with? Would Knitpick's Crayon be too fuzzy? Or does it split like their Shine Worsted?



Amethyst said...

Well, the gauge for Tomato for me was 19 stitches to 4 inches (supposed to be 18). The Knit One, Crochet Too yarn is 17 to 4 inches on size 8s, the Kim one is 19st to 4 inches, and the crayon yarn just looks wrong for the project. I mean you could try it, but I don't think there's stitch definition with it.

I think the 2nd time cotton is the best of the ones you posted.

nutttshell said...

I'm open to other suggestions too. I need to make the Medium, so I need about 750 yds of the MC, and I'd like to try and make the sweater for under $50.

Kristina B said...

How much does the Mission Falls cost where you are at? For my Tomato (small) I only used about 6 skeins total... here in Toronto the cost is $5.50 approx - sounds like you could go under $50 with the Mission Falls unless it's more expensive for you as an import.

Also - if you could find any Super 3 (discontinued by Kerzner, and on sale in a number of places) that would be a good aran weight cotton IMO (I would have used that for my Tomato but after making the Samus from Knitty I ran out).

WillowLuna said...

I wouldn't use the KnitPicks Crayon. You aren't going to have good stitch definition with it, and it tends to pull apart when tugged upon. I just finished knitting the Norberta Dragon from in it and did not like working with the yarn.

Holly Bee said...

Oooooh! Mission Falls 1824 cotton a bag of 10 for $30 at

Give them a call and see what colors they have. They are super nice guys and really quick with shipping! It's such a good deal. I just got some in Fennel (thanks Carina!)

Kristina B said...

Yes, sorry, Amethyst: I forgot about this (I think Carina mentioned it to me as well as I had done my Tomato with the Mission Falls, or was it Hollybee?)

I would encourage you to go for that deal if possible. That is a great price and it is really good cotton. I have used it before - it wears and washes well and (in my experience) does not lose shape. Only you should know that it knits into a bit of a nubby texture... which I like but which may not be your thing. I can't describe it better than that.. but if you check out their website you'll see what I mean.

Despite how it looks, it is quite soft to work with.

And, hollybee - enjoy!

nutttshell said...

Thanks Holly B and Carina! The Mission Falls is on its way and I should be able to start swatching on Monday!

Holly Bee said...

Oooooh yippeee Nutttshell! What color did you get? I can hardly wait to hear how like!

Carina said...

Yeah, what colors did you get? It's such a lovely yarn, and I really like the colorways. Yay for Threadbear!

Stitch-ay Woman said...

I would say Cascade Pima Silk because it is super-soft, good quality and affordable, but I think it is the wrong gauge.
That is an awesome deal on the 1824-- Cascade Luna is similar to the 1824 but depending on the yardage you need the 1824 might be very difficult to beat!
Hmmm. *resists a horrible urge to purchase, given that she recently photographed her stash.*