Sunday, June 24, 2007

have I gone mad...??

... because it is full summer here, 30million degrees with the humidex here, and I am bound and determined to finish the He Gansey for DH (although he won't wear it for another three months) rather than start on all of the other cute summer projects that I have for ME. What's going on? Is it guilt?

Anyway, with your indulgences I'll post a photo of it to speed me along on this mission... I do love the Rowan All-Seasons Cotton but I'm not thrilled with the greyness of it. I DID let him pick the colour... hmm... next time I won't be so selfless! ;-)

detail from the neck:

whole thing, more or less:


Helen said...

I love All Seasons Cotton, both to knit and to wear. Is that the shade called Misty? I'm thinking about getting some of that for a sweater that's in Nordic Knitting, but maybe I should take another look at NSFY. It looks fab.

Kristina B said...

Thanks, Helen.

And yes, I believe the colour is called Misty. It is a nice colour, actually - although grey is not my personal favourite.

Good luck with whatever sweater you pick!

Stitch-ay Woman said...

Good Lord-- you have gotten so far with this! How many hands have you got, anyway? :-)

FugueStateKnits said...

Oohhh ahhh! Beautiful - and I actually love the color, too:)
Joan a/k/a fsk

RandomRanter said...

That is fabulous. Your progress, especially with the weather is amazing.

Kristina B said...

Hi all: thanks!

Update: knitted sleeve #1 yesterday (this took about 6 hours. I LOVE this pattern!). Will hopefully be done the whole shebang by Friday or so... work, as always, interferes with my knitting plans!