Thursday, June 21, 2007

Swatching for Morrigan

I acquired a couple of inexpensive balls of Rowan Calmer on ebay (sadly not in colors that I would actually want a finished sweater in) and have begun some swatching to see what the yarn is like. I will probably also try to test knit section of some of the charts to see if they are beyond me. The yarn is very soft and will definitely make a lovely sweater, once I decide on a color (probably not the tangerine or sour, sadly).

Is anyone else working on Morrigan?


Stitch-ay Woman said...

*sigh* not yet. It is definitely up there on my "want to knit" list but I have at least 5 sweaters in front of it, 3 of which are currently in progress. But I really want to get to it soon, not the least because I love the Calmer!

Kristina B said...

I have bought the Calmer and swatched it. However, there have been a surfeit of other projects for me (perhaps in avoidance of the Morrigan? hmm) so I will probably be starting it in the autumn.

Best of luck on yours! ;-)

FugueStateKnits said...

Love your swatch. Sadly, I'm too chicken to go for Morrigan first, but it looks like it will be a wonderful challenge and so worth it!
Happy knitting!
Joan in ellicott city, md
a/k/a FSK

Lisa said...

any chance you want to unload the SOUR??