Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm getting ready to knit up Intoxicating. I am having a problem finding 100% silk yarn at my LYS. (I live in a really small town.) I have looked at all the LYS' in my area and I still can't find it. Does any one think if I use cotton would it make a difference?


RandomRanter said...

Well, I am working on an Intoxicating in cotton, and I know Sister of Knitting Room here is too - . I imagine the final drape will be a little different, but it makes it a little more affordable and washable.

Stitch-ay Woman said...

The different textures of the silk and cotton will make a difference in the look, feel and drape of the sweater, but they are certainly similar in not having a "tooth", so the principle of using the mosaic pattern to help the stitches stay taut should still apply.
That being said, while it won't be quite as "ooooh special" in cotton as in silk, it should stand up better to wear than silk does. I've knit with 100% silk before, and I personally wouldn't ever use it for a garment because the finished object deteriorates so rapidly (all respects to Amy S. and Kristi Porter, but this is just my preference.)
I have a skullcap in D. Bliss Pure Silk that I was able to wear exactly once before it looked all worn out.
Have you considered using a silk/cotton blend? Or maybe something like cotton/Tencel? A yarn like Classic Elite Premiere would look nice in this pattern (I don't know off the top of my head if the gauge would be correct, but the yarn itself has a really nice sheen and drape to it.)