Monday, April 16, 2007

Surprises - Don't Like Them

I also don't like swatches. I realize, though, they're necessary sometimes. Case in point: I am seeking a substitute for the beautiful but obscenely high-end Classic Temptation 100% silk used to knit the "Sweet Indulgence" robe. It's for my daughter and needs to be college-proof.

One yarn didn't make it past the gate. This is "Oh My!" by Plymouth.

No stitch definition whatsoever.

For the rest, instead of measuring the swatches I traced them, labeled the tracings, then sent the swatches off to The Laundry.

I feel guilty about loading a knit-along with pictures, so here are the rest of the results from my first round of experiments.

They were a surprise.

1 comment:

Amethyst said...

I agree, that doesn't look that great for a robe. I don't have any suggestions myself, but I hope you find something.