Friday, April 6, 2007

I found Fake Sheep

Where have I been for the last two years? I discovered today the Fake Sheep blogger--who has been posting about her vegan knitting adventures since January 2005. She has compiled a fairly comprehensive directory with reviews and sometimes pictures of vegan yarns, in the categories of cotton, silk, linen, hemp, bamboo, soy, banana silk, synthetics, and "other"(although note that not all are available in the States). She also lists some other great yarn resources and bloggers that are also assembling directories of vegan, eco-conscious, or otherwise nonwool yarn. Check out her blog or this page for her listings.

"Fake Sheep" writes about these other nonwool yarn resources
non-wooly sock yarns
vegan yarn - vegan yarns referenced by fibre and weight.
michelleknits - sidebar of vegan yarns
knitter’s review yarn reviews - listed by fibre
green choices on the environmental impacts of fibre production.
tips for substituting yarn from knitty.
fiber burn test - figure out the fibre content of mystery yarns.

Brilliant! And if my camera was working right now I'd post a photo of the snow outside my window! How crazy that it is snowing on my tulips here in the South, and it's April 6 already!


StarSpry said...

How cool! Can't wait to check out her site!

drmimi said...

This is one cool site! I am so loving the adventures of finding cool sites of knitters.

Stitch-ay Woman said...

I'm so glad to be able to access reviews of nonwool sock yarns. I enjoy knitting socks (they are perfect projects to knit to and from work) but I run warm, and my feet get hot really fast. Wool socks are generally too toasty.
I hope to see people testing those on here in the future-- I will probably be doing that myself this summer.

Sharon said...

I am in Love! These are all fabulous resources!! When you can't (or won't) knit with animal fibers like me it is very difficult to find alternative fibers especially at the right gauge for certain patterns but it is getting easier with blogs and sites like these. Thank you so much!!