Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Geeky Thing

First, the yarn:

I'm really pleased with the colours. I didn't get to see them in person before ordering, just pictures online. And even the pictures here aren't quite what it really is - it's not that shiny or bright. But I love the Periwinkle, which will be the main colour, and Stone, the contrasting colour for the pattern.

It's a roughly 6" x 6" swatch, and that's 1x1 ribbing in the middle that I did because it occured to me that I don't need to do stockinette for the whole thing. I hand-washed it with cool water and a few drops of cold-water Tide, and it's still drying. It looks pretty good, though, just a little fuzzier. The yarn is incredibly soft, I love it.

I didn't *quite* get gauge. With 7US needles, I got 19 stitches for 4". I wanted 18. But I did the math, and that's actually okay. It would mean around 1.5" extra, so doing the second-smallest size, I'd have a 37" bust, which is what I wanted. 35.5 would be too small, 40 would be too big.

Edit: I realized I made a typo. 35.5 is the size, not 34.5 like I had earlier.