Saturday, April 21, 2007

First Rows

I'm about 20 rows in, but I thought I'd show the first part:

I like how the k1tf&b makes that neat line. I always wondered how this was accomplished, and though I've used that stitch in Clapotis, I didn't realize that it also did that.

Unfortunately, making the stitch is little hard on my hands. You do one, move marker, then another one, and that second one is harder to do since it's tight. Now that my piece is much bigger, I have longer stretches of time between it, but I still have 10 more increase repeats to do.

Oh, and there have been no fluffy bits in Periwinkle so far, unlike Stone. Maybe it's just certain balls.


Kim said...

That Periwinkle is very pretty! I can't wait to see the other color worked with it.

As far as the slubs, I ran into bad ones on 3 of the 6 hanks of Organic Cotton that I used in Sage color. Of the three, one had one bad spot, and the other two had at least two each. Three hanks were no problem, so I used those first through the body.

Nice work so far!

Riggwelter said...

That's a beautiful colour too.

Ann said...

I really like that stitch too! (k1tf&b). I find the pattern is written so it's easy not to forget the increases with the markers set up the way they are.
I knit pretty tight, but I'm not having the problem you described with the stitch on the left. Are you a "thrower" or do you knit continental?

Dawn ; ) said...

It is really coming along beautifully and I do love the color to. :D

Amethyst said...

Thanks :)

Ann, I do it the English way. I guess it's the difference in the yarn type? Your yarn looks skinnier than mine.