Saturday, April 14, 2007

being geeky & a cotton blocking question

Sometimes I get in a mood - a very non-commital mood mind you - when all I want to do is make swatches - lots and lots of swatches for potential projects or just a new yarn I think is gorgeous/exciting/fun. The book sugggested creating a notebook which I did & I love - now all my geeky swatches are organized & such. Here are a few pages from my book. Love it. :)

I also just finished knitting clapotis (my favorite knit to date) and had a question about blocking - I used Ella Rae Silkience - (6 balls) it's 41% cotton, 39% modal, 12% silk, 8% rayon - 108m/50g. Love the yarn - you should try it. So how do I block it? I've never blocked cotton, modal, silk, or rayon so do I soak it then pin it or pin it then spritz it or what? I don't have a stellar iron so steaming it isn't really an option. I don't want to post pictures of it big & finished until I have it blocked & gorgeous so here is a teaser:

Thanks & happy knitting!



Amethyst said...

From knitty:

If you go down far enough, you get to the non-wool fibers. :) I think the swatch notebook is a great idea.

nutttshell said...

For all coton, I've heard that soaking and pinning it is too rough for the fiber, and that steam blocking is better. I'm not sure if a blend is enough stronger. Spritzing might be a good safe start thoughsa

Kate said...

Thanks! I will try the pin & spritz. I'm happy with how it looks except for the corners so those are my focus. :)

Riggwelter said...

The scarf look lovely, hope your problem is now solved.