Sunday, April 8, 2007

silken for tuscany

I received my silken for the tuscany shawl a few days ago, but I didn't start knitting yet. I wanted to finish a baby blanket for my cousin before I started the shawl, and believe me it was hard to resist the lure of silken. The colors are so pretty and the yarn feels so nice in my hands. However, I was able to resist, and finished the baby blanket this morning. The means that I will start Tuscany this evening. In the mean time, here are a few photos of silken in "paris."


Jocelyn said...

That color is gorgeous. I'll be interested to see how the pattern knits up in a more strongly variegated colorway. I got the Ruby Red - same as in the book - it's beautiful, too. I'm actually leaving for Paris on Thursday, so I won't start mine until after that. Have fun!

Sharon said...

I am a sucker for beautiful colorways and that is gorgeous!! I cannot wait to see how you knit it up and how the color shows through in the shawl

drmimi said...

This is beautiful stuff. I am looking forward to seeing the shawl as you knit it!

It must smell and feel great:)

Betty said...

Gorgeous yarn!

I might need to get me some of that!