Friday, April 20, 2007

half a geek...

Do not try this at home!!!... oops, I meant the subway.

Re. the Morrigan sweater pattern : this is my (rather lame) attempt at a "geek swatch" to see whether Lana Grossa Elastico would be a decent substitute for the Rowan Calmer called for. I say "lame" because last night I didn't have the patience to stick out the entire 6 inches. So - this tension sample is 60 stitches across by 16 rows high. The measurements worked out a bit wide (6.4 inches) and the right height approximately for the number of rows (1.4 inches).

In part, I aborted the exercise because I got the (rather silly) idea to buy a ball of each of the Calmer and Elastico in solid colours (complementary to this variegated one I had in the stash). My theory is that I will try the full geek swatch with both samples, then knit a tank top with the leftovers. In practice, this means that I will end up after all acquiring the Calmer (and taking a pay advance to do so...).

This pattern (taken from the R3 chart as suggested) was quite a bit simpler than I had thought it would be - or maybe my brain was functioning better last night than it is this morning! It will be a fun sweater to knit, I think... (but ask me again halfway through!)

I also, out of stubbornness, tried a sample with Super 10 mercerised cotton. I gave up after about 5 rows. I think it would work for me if I upsized to 4mm needles - but this would result in a sweater which would be way too big with me to wear, and I suspect, too saggy.

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. appreciated.



Carol in NoVa said...

I don't think you want to do this with 100% cotton. You'd have a VERY heavy sweater.

Kristina said...

Yes, I think you're absolutely right. I'm just stubborn and I love Super10!

The Lana Elastico is similar in weight/density to the Rowan. Perhaps a bit finer (at least to the eye - I went and bought one skein of each at the lunch hour. I work way too close to the LYS).


RandomRanter said...

Hmmm, I didn't think about weight, because I have some mercerized cotton I was thinking of trying a geeky Morrigan with. Of course, I could just finish the projects I am working on...

Kristina said...

Hi randomranter: ... I'm in the same boat as you re other projects! But it's always fun to try something new. what kind of mercerised cotton do you have? For me, the Super 10 didn't seem as it would work out (for me, anyway - I would need the small size sweater and I think with the Super 10 it would turn out way too big). But I'd be curious to know how you make out. Also, in No Sheep, there is the very cute Bacardi cardi that calls for Super 10. ;-)