Friday, April 6, 2007

Help with yarn

I'm going to make Tomato, but not in those colours (as pretty as they are, I'm not an orange person). I wanted to do a blue like this (Cobalt) for the main and silver or grey for the design. Unfortunately they don't have silver or grey, the closest is this which is a variegated, and I'm not sure how it would look. Does anyone know of a brand that has the colours I want?

I would like to do bamboo or soysilk yarn, but it has to be ordered from an online store, preferably one in Canada. I thought about the Blue Sky Alpacas cotton blend that's recommended, but I can't find an online store for that, and I don't know if they have the colours I want.


amy [Knitty] said...

Hi, Amethyst!

I wouldn't recommend swapping the original yarn for something without cotton in it. You need it to have a bit of body to hold its shape. The bamboo and/or soy would have too much drape and wouldn't look like the original.

Here is the color palette:

It's pretty extensive (I love this yarn...can you tell)?

Try this link to find a place to purchase it:

I know Lettuce Knit will ship to you, if you're not close to Toronto.

Hope this helps!


Amethyst said...

Thanks for the reply. :) I'll give up on the bamboo/soysilk for this one, then.

And they have colours that I like! Sweet. I'll do Periwinkle and Stone.

I'm in PEI, but from Toronto is okay. It'll be cheaper than having it come from the states. I noticed on the BSA site that there are two stores in NS, I'll have to call them first and see if they'll ship.