Friday, April 27, 2007

Because you asked, Jenna on resizing

Well, I didn't post this part of Jenna's email in my last post because I didn't think it would be that helpful to anyone. But because Stitch-ay Woman asked, I thought I'd throw this up there for every one to see.

Jenna on resizing Morrigan:
Aside from that, is it easy to resize? Hahahahaha. (Couldn't resist). Actually, if you played with the arrangement of cable panels, you might be able to increase or decrease the width slightly. But aside from that, adjusting the width would probably be hair-tearingly fun.
I figured that resizing would have to be done by adding cable panels, but I decided it wasn't worth it to me. (I'm between the two smallest sizes and decided just to go with the smallest size based on Jenna's advice.) What I AM doing, however, is not using the correct needle for my gauge. I got gauge on 3.0 mm needles and was only a tiny bit larger on 3.25 mm needles. I'm using the 3.25 mm needles in hopes of getting a slightly larger sweater.


Kristina said...

Thanks for the Morrigan info, Laura and Jenna!! I have broken down and am going to order some of the Calmer - so this summer will, paradoxically, be a sweater knitting summer (finishing the Samus from the Knitty website, then starting the Bacardi cardigan, then hopefully the Morrigan).



Stitch-ay Woman said...

Thanks for including this--
I was planning on just extending the sweater's length by adding more rows (and, of course, cable repeats) at the bottom. However, it will be a while before I have a chance to find out why this won't be so easy, as I really must complete some of my UFOs before starting this.
I did, however, get some Calmer to knit the Shedir cap-- I rationalized that with "well, might as well see if I like knitting with this yarn before I invest in a sweater." Ah yes, I love the new-yarn rationalization. Sort of a counterpoint to the new year's resolution, I suppose.