Monday, September 3, 2007

thoroughly intoxicating!

I must confess that this is NOT the geeky swatch... but the beginning of the sweater (which I started tonight). Colour choice due in large part to (and inspired by) the lovely "extra" in a recent swap package from our very own Stitchay Woman! The two yarns pictures are SWTC, one soysilk, one bamboo.

Has anyone else started this top? It's a great knit so far, and makes me feel so clever! ;-)

More info on the blog


Amethyst said...

That looks really nice so far. How is it working out with two different kinds of yarn?

StarSpry said...

This is looking great! Love the colors :)

Kristina B said...

Thanks to both of you for your comments.

Amethyst: it's going quite well - the yarns are similar. Am also using sea silk (two strands) which is the white colour you see in the pic and will be using a 4th yarn of a different colour which I won't post until I'm done ;) (ah, the mystery of it all).

Re. the colours: Stitch-ay Woman is to be congratulated for the main colour choice as she sent both yarns to me. A reminder to me to be more open-minded about muted colours!

Terry G said...

That is so Awesome! You are an amazing knitter!