Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cable and O's Progress

The last time I posted about a month ago my Cable and O's sweater wasn't very far along, I had just started and had only completed 4 repeats, but at 288 stitches per row that was still a mighty fine accomplishment. However after a month of dedicated knitting I finished the entire body tonight, it's off the needles and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

As you can see the pattern calls for you to knit the back and the two fronts together in one piece. Towards the end it was a bit cumbersome but the pay-off is less seaming and the entire of the body of the sweater is done.

I decided to use the exact same yarn in the same color as in the book, Queensland Cotolino in fuchsia. I'm not a pink person, but I really do like the color, and I;m really glad I'm not sick of it yet. Here is a close-up:

All I have left is two sleeves, one button band (the side with the button holes is already on the sweater, you use the eyelets, smart huh?), and the neck band. Hopefully I will be able to power through and finish it up because I would love to wear it to a special event we have in the first week of October, hopefully grad-school work won't get in the way to much. It's been great to see everyone's projects, keep up the good work!


StarSpry said...

This looks great!

Good luck with finishing in time for your special event in October :)

Kristina B said...

Best of luck to you! The colour is lovely and so is the work.