Tuesday, September 11, 2007

yarn substitution advice

Hi All,
I have a question, and I figured that you lovely people would probably be the best source for the answer.

I'm looking for a good laceweight or fingering yarn that is non-wool and non-silk. (I'm allergic to everything.) It needs to be something fairly inexpensive. Any favorites?

Thanks in advance!


Kristina B said...

Hi Nutttshell:

I haven't used anything off the top of my head that would fit the bill... I thought immediately Cotton Fleece but I think that has some wool content.

However, check out this link: Yarndex. You can search both by weight of yarn and fibre content. I just checked briefly and 9 entries came up for laceweight cotton.

There is also some new corn yarn out - I can't recall the brand. I saw some recently and it looked to be between fingering and DK weight.

Finally: if you usually use acrylic, there are some "baby clothes" ones marketed which are pretty soft - 100% acrylic. Bernat has one or two for sure.

Hope this helps,


RandomRanter said...

I really depends on what you are looking for, but I have seen laceweight linen. Although Kristina's suggestion would likely give you more options.

nutttshell said...

Wonderful! I'll check out Bernat!

Marlyn said...

I have some bamboo laceweight (Naturally Stella, distributed by Fibertrends) that is very nice. It's not that expensive, but not exactly cheap, either.