Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The Sweet Indulgence Robe is finished. Behold it reclining artistically in its pre-button-and-button-loop stage on top of the unsorted (clean) laundry.

I am not a fast knitter. This has been going on for weeks, maybe months if I add in all the geeking/research, but it's beautiful. Thanks to Deb White's clever design, there was no post-knitting assembly to do, so I finished it in time to accompany my daughter to the UK for her year of study abroad.

To college-student-proof it, I used Cascade Pima Tencel, double stranding throughout, except for the bottom edge and the cuffs, where I triple stranded.

For the record, despite the washing instruction on the label, the robe is machine washable and dryable and doesn't shrink. Which translates to: work the robe to the post-blocking gauge and measurements.

More detail than you would ever want to know is scattered through my blog.

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Kristina B said...

I wanted to know ALL the detail on your blog, after the fact.

Wonderful job! ;-) I wish I were still a student...