Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Here at Last!

Hi all!

I received my copy of "No Sheep for You" yesterday morning after waiting 2 very long weeks! I love it! Especially all the titbits of information on yarns. I studied Fabric Evaluation at Uni so find this kind of thing really interesting.
I have found a pattern which is so suited to me,


It's so suited because I get bored easily, once I have mastered a new pattern or stitch, I loose interest, but this one has a different pattern on the front and back and the sleeves! I love the pinbox mosaic, a pattern which looks like "fairisle" but there's no stranding...Oh I could go on forever.

I'm part of a Stashalong, so no new yarn for me, I had to hunt through my stash and found plenty of balls of a cotton/acrylic blend in a pink/peach colour, a ball of cream coloured cotton and just incase I don't have enough of that I have a ball of red cotton/acrylic blend, So I will alternate between cream and red mosaic squares.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's work...
Good Luck - Angie (Riggwelter)


Betty said...

Looking forward to your take on Intoxicating. The color combo sounds intriguing.

Roxanne said...

Lucky you! I'm still waiting on my book here in Canada...arghhhhhh....LOL Soon I hope, soon!!