Thursday, March 29, 2007

The legend of Morrigan

Hi, everyone!
I hope you're having fun knitting from the book. I've already started my Cables & Os cardigan -- progress pics can be seen here. Work has stalled a little while I got the latest issue of Knitty out, but I'm on vacation in a few days and am looking forward to hours of travel knitting in my future. I also saw my first Tuscany in progress last night -- in deep blue Silken. It is gorgeous, and so exciting to see my pattern being knit by someone else! Happy happy!

For those interested in the Morrigan sweater -- the modernized Aran sweater designed by Jenna Wilson, take a peek at her blog -- The legend of Morrigan. She's chronicling the design process behind this sweater and it's great reading.

Knit on!

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