Thursday, March 29, 2007

When geeking it up is really 1

I have two rogue yarns in my stash, and I have large quantities of both. Here is installment one of my two tales of: The Importance of Buying the Single Skein.
The first is a tale of a cotton/rayon seed by Blue Heron Yarns. They still carry this variety of yarn, although the colorway I bought is now discontinued.
When I saw it hanging in loose hanks on the wall at one of the LYSs I frequent, I was struck with how gorgeous the colors were and with the drape of the strands. Because of the rayon in the blend, it is slightly shimmery and has a fluid feel.
However, as all veteran yarn-buyers are aware (and everyone who has read Chapter 3 should now know) there is a real danger to buying any yarn before you have test-knitted it, especially when it has an unusual texture to it. More than once, I have bought a cool yarn, taken it home, knit with it, and discovered that I didn't like the fabric it made. This is exactly what happened with this yarn. Unfortunately, I was NOT a veteran yarn-buyer at the time I purchased it, and it was $10 off (at the time, it retailed for approx. $35 per 440-yard hank) so I bought over 2400 yards.
When I got it home, I enthusiastically (at first) started knitting swatches, but my enthusiasm quickly turned to dismay. Because of the texture, it was extremely difficult to find a tension that would be satisfactory for a cardigan (which is what I wanted to make with it) and every kind of stitch pattern I tried got lost in the nubbiness. Lace was also a no-go because it doesn't hold its shape. I think that this would be a lovely yarn for a scarf or shawl, but I really have no use for a 2000-yard shawl!
The punch line: this is one of the yarns featured in the Berthe Collar pattern! Check it out.
However, since I don't want to knit a dozen collars, I still have to figure out what to do with the rest of it. I will probably make a collar now, though, because I CAN...
but there are no other projects on the horizon, and in the meantime it is $250 that has been benched for the last two years.

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Kate said...

I have 2 balls of the same yarn and am with you on it fully - love how it looks, hate how it knits. Thanks for pointing out that collar - I may try it though I can't see myself wearing it.... ahhh.