Monday, August 13, 2007

Slooowwww Dancin' Swayin' to the Music

OK, so I've had a busy work week. So I have a life (or two). So that means my sweater is taking longer. But I'm still having fun:

Is it a good sign when your sweater starts to remind you of a hula skirt, LOL:)? I'm having fun with it - although this pic is a bit faded in the color department, changing with every pattern repeat has helped with the monotony. another 30 or so rows and I'll be starting to divide the sides from the front and starting (GASP) the armhole shaping! whoo Hoo!!! I'm also really looking forward to doing the attached i-cord for the edgings. OK, so I'm a rebel, what can I say?


Kristina B said...

Looking good, Joan...

I actually like doing applied I-cord... does this mean that I'm a rebel too? ;)

I like your colours. ;-)

FugueStateKnits said...

The i-chord rebels - great name for a band!
Or, if you want to go for the 50s style, just "The I-Chords"
(sha boom sha boom ya da da da da da da da da da ... life could be a dream....)
must be Saturday.... am. starting. to. get. my. life. back.... must. start. knitting.....