Monday, August 27, 2007

Look Who I Got To Meet!!

Amy Singer, author of "No Sheep for You"!! Look at all that YUMMY yarn in front of Amy!! She gave a FABULOUS lesson on the other types of yarns that exist out there besides wool. We got to touch and feel all the luscious yarns in the book and even knit with some hemp and bamboo - heaven!! We also got to see and touch some of the geeky things from the book :-)

Here is Amy signing my "Knit Wit" book (she also signed my "No Sheep For You" Book). She was so amazing to speak with as well and gave us a tour through the yarn shop too, Loop Yarn in Philadelphia, explaining all the benefits of each yarn there and how to substitute it for other yarns. What a fabulous morning!!


Holly Bee said...

Oh, what a fun time! Congrats on fun!

FugueStateKnits said...

Wow - terrific! It's always great to increase one's fiber knowledge:)
For those of us out there who watch Knitty Gritty, Amy was on there doing an abbreviated version of what she did for you.
It's always wonderful to meet someone who gives away so much and yet manages to make a living (at least I hope so!!!)