Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cross-Posted from my own blog

I'm packing this up to take with me on vacation (well sort of). I mean, really folks, first things first. This thing is really starting to move along. Well, of course it does when you're not knitting 352-stitch rows, LOL! And by the way, I'm not as slim as the picture below might indicate! The stitch holders for the back are gathering up a LOT of stitches. I did take a brief break from knitting last night to check the left front against my own and it appears that this thing will actually fit -at least I hope so after all this work.

I think I said somewhere that this will be my most documented sweater and I think I was right!

Gotta go pack! whoo hoo. New tire, not a lotta geld, but who cares!



Sharon Rose said...

Did you mean "gelt?" Or are you bringing along horses? :)

Laura said...

Sharon Rose -
Geld is money - in German

$$$$ = €€€€ !

Greetings from France


Kristina B said...

Wow - that is a lot of work! Good luck with the fit...!

Sharon Rose said...

Ahhhh!!!! Thanks!

FugueStateKnits said...

Sorry - should've used the Yiddish phrase, LOL!
either way, I ain't got none!
A good thing in a gambling town....