Friday, March 28, 2008

Tuscany and Cables and Os

I made my Tuscany with a cotton yarn in purple. I added beads along the edges.

I also added a few rows of garter stitch at the long edge.

I enjoyed knitting this shawl and will probably make another, more delicate version.

I am currently working on Cables and O's using Cotton Glace. Here's my progress so far:

It seems to be a good balance between easily memorized and therefore an easy knit and not being too monotonous and boring. I am looking forward to wearing it. Someday.


The Holistic Knitter said...

Love the colour of your Tuscany ;0)

nutttshell said...

The purple Tuscany is exquisite! The color really shows off the pattern and is unbelievably rich! I'm jealous!

Kristina B said...

The Tuscany is wonderful, and the Cables and Os is coming along very nicely too, it seems. Great job!