Friday, October 12, 2007

Mint Tomato

Here's my version of Tomato:

I used Cotton Ease in the discontinued colors Mint and Blueberry.

This was my first sweater, and my first attempt at 2-color knitting! Although this wasn't a hard pattern, I started this back in July! I'm glad I finally finished it :) I think I should have added a bit more ribbing to the sleeves, and bound-off the sleeves and body directly from the ribbing rather than adding the extra row of plain knitting.

I love what everyone is making! I really like Tuscany and the River Rock Scarf, so one of those may be my next project from the book :)


Susan said...

That's beautiful! What a great job on your first sweater.


Kristina B said...

Va va voom! Great colours and it looks FABULOUS on you. Did you take in some extra at the waist?

StarSpry said...

Thank you :D

I didn't make any alterations to the pattern, although it does seem like my Tomato isn't as low as other people's. Maybe I did something??? a little different? I'm not sure. I haven't blocked it yet; I wonder if that will change anything?