Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eileen in the round

I decided to knit Eileen in the round, rather than on straight needles. I knitted in the round until the armpits, then switched to straight needles for the front and back. It helped to break up the monotony of knitting only lace or only stockinette, as I had to knit both for each round. My plan was perfect, until I realized that I had been knitting the lace pattern in one direction only - so I had to learn to do it backward when I switched to the straight needles! A few attempts got ripped out before I finally got it right.

I used Rosarios 4 Bio Bamboo (100% bamboo) and I must say, I am extremely pleased with the result. It is so soft, and a bit drapey, though I think it turned out lovely! I used 4 mm needles to get anything near the gauge recommended for the pattern.

Bio Bamboo is wonderful stuff, but I think they were out to lunch when they printed the label. The yarn label's gauge is 27 sts and 32 rows = 4 inches with 5 mm needles, but I couldn't even get that gauge with2.75 mm needles (I got 25 sts and 30 rows). And I always knit to gauge. So I wouldn't trust the label, and recommend ALWAYS knitting a gauge swatch with this one.


I finished Network, but I didn't get the same result as the photo in the book. Instead of the yarnovers alternating every 8 rows, they alternated every 16 rows. Still looks cool, and didn't warrant trashing the project, but I wonder why it happened?? I had some confusion when it came to the rows which required moving the marker, so perhaps I did an extra pattern repeat before ending the round and offset the lace pattern by just enough to cause the problem?

I knitted it in a lovely soft pink Rowan Classic Cashcotton 4 ply yarn, which was a bit finer than the recommended yarns, but worked OK.
I finished Tuscany! I started this project in June with some stash yarn, Bernat Satin in Bordeaux (a worsted weight yarn) and used size 6 needles. Because it's worsted, I ended up doing 8 repeats instead of 11.

It's still drying, though inside now. It was unseasonably warm today (23C, 75F), great for laying it out on the porch.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Finally finished Cables and Os

After sitting down in the same chair and knitting for about 12 hours almost non-stop. (Moi, not eat, mais non!)

It actually looks better up close and personal. It fits and I'm glad. The O's part kind of give a little "air conditioning" - perfect for a lightweight sweater. I used cotton and linen and besides the striping, also made a change by crocheting a band around the neck and the button/buttonhole bands.

Now, on to the next:)
Thanks for hanging in there with me, fellow blogsters!
in Ellicott City, Merlin